Sweet Evil
Sweet Evil

Sweet Evil

Director Olivier Coussemacq

Production year 2010

Length 90min.

Country France


Celine, a fifteen-year-old girl, is constantly on the move since her mother’s imprisonment. After escaping her tutors, a well-known couple Mr. and Mrs. Van Eyck take her in. Celine becomes determined to stay with the couple and tries quite successfully to please them. She cleverly wins their trust with her deceptive charm. Until one day a series of discoveries about Celine’s intentions test the Van Eycks’ faith in her.


Olivier Coussemacq
Olivier Coussemacq



Nicolas Brevière


Olivier Coussemacq

Director of Photography

Alexis Kavyrchine

Production designer

Zhu Guangxuan

Music by

Sarah Murcia


Wang Ran


Stephanie Araud


Anaïs Demoustier, Pascal Greggory, Ludmila Mikaël

Production company(ies)

Local Films

Olivier Coussemacq

After 12 years as assistant director, both for TV and the big screen, Coussemacq’s debut as movie director was Paroles en libertés surveillées, a one-hour documentary, which was selected for the Festival Cinema du Reel at the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris. Three short-feature films followed in succession. He then wrote the thriller Traquée directed by Steve Suissa, which prompted him to devote himself more fully to script writing. His script for Le désert de la mémoire received a special mention from the Scriptwriting Awards Jury. He was selected by Emergence, the International Summer University of Cinema, for his script Corps Etrangers. In 2009, he completed work on Sweet Evil, his first feature film. He is currently working on his second feature film, Nomads.


Paroles en liberté surveillée (1991), Lost Steps(1996, short), Le larbin (2000, short), The Concerge Is in the Elevator ( 2001), Sweet Evil (2010)

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