On the Riverbank Where the Childhood Was Left
On the Riverbank Where the Childhood Was Left

On the Riverbank Where the Childhood Was Left

Director Sabir Nazarmukhamedov

Production year 2010

Length 98min.

Country Uzbekistan


A film about male friendship, faithfulness in love, and generosity. Through the memories of the three characters, three friends living in one village for 70 years, through their dreams, we see the lives lived by these simple people… One of them, Hakim-ata comes every day to the river, remembering his childhood, his youth… …It happened once on that riverbank, where childhood remained – the happiest time in a person’s life. Carefree childhood, which remains only as a flashbulb in memory…


Sabir Nazarmukhamedov
Sabir Nazarmukhamedov



Sabir Nazarmukhamedov

Director of Photography

Sultan Mirzaahmedov

Music by

Artyom Kim


A. Kurmanov


Olga Morova


Bernar Nazarmuhamedov, Takhir Miralieva, Diloram Karimova

Production company(ies)

National Cinema Agency, Uzbekkino

Sabir Nazarmukhamedov

Born 1948, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Since 1968 he has been working at the Uzbekfilm Studio as an assistant, assistant director, second director and director. In 1979 he graduated from the Tashkent Theatrical Arts Institute, Department of Drama and Film Directing. He has shot 8 feature films and over 20 documentaries.


Wolves (1988), Leader for One Place (1989), In Dreams I Cry Bitterly (1991), Only Memory (1998), Scorpion’s Flower (2000), Madman (2004), Blessed Sadness (My Soul is Filled with Light Sorrow) (2007), On the Riverbank Where the Childhood Was Left (2010)

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