Nora Is Still Alive
Nora Is Still Alive

Nora Is Still Alive

Director Martin Jabs

Production year 2010

Length 70min.

Country Germany


Nora loves wasps and hates piano music. And she is going to die soon. This is what the doctors say, but Nora just seems to stay alive – despite her physical and mental disabilities, she now turned 30, outliving her loving mother and grandmother. She has never realized their death – her brother, however, makes a film about the loss and seems to be closer to his sister than he realizes himself. Five-year lifespan condensed into, 70 minutes, this portrait traces the dramatic changes in this once lively family as Nora’s cheerful character remains unaware of it all and happy all the same.


Best Full Length Documentary | International Disability FF “Breaking Down Barriers”, Moscow, Russia, 2010


Martin Jabs
Martin Jabs



Martin Jabs


Tamara Trampe, Hans-Georg Ullrich, Thomas Lauterbach

Director of Photography

Patrick Protz

Music by

Ralf Meyer-Wilmes, Tina Katrin Ulrici


Martin Jabs, Patrick Protz


Martin Jabs

Martin Jabs

Born 1978, Brazil. After having lived in Germany and the USA, Martin Jabs started making films in Berlin. He enrolled in documentary filmmaking courses at the Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg and finished his studies in 2007 with Coffee Faces, a documentary that has been aired six times on television networks worldwide. He also works as a translator and photographer for a charitable foundation.


Melody of a Children’s Ballet (2004), Like Hope (2005), Hunger (2006), Schwarzenberg (2007), Coffee Faces (2008), Stimmen (2008), Nora Is Still Alive (2010)

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