My Armenian Neighbourhood
My Armenian Neighbourhood

My Armenian Neighbourhood

Director Samimitra Das

Production year 2010

Length 27min.

Country India


Armenians are a community that landed in the city of Calcutta, much before this city had a name. They were some of the oldest builders and businessmen who came with a constructive effort.
Today they stand as a small minority of only fifty individuals. However the newer generations have found new voices and ways of living in this city without carrying the baggage of an identity. The crisis of lost identity among the youth is echoed by all the seniors of the community.


Samimitra Das
Samimitra Das



Samimitra Das

Director of Photography

K. Appalaswamy


Abhik Chatterjee


Rashmima Dutta

Production company(ies)

Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute

Samimitra Das

Samimitra Das is a second year student of Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, Calcutta. Before coming to film institute he has worked extensively in theatre and has worked as an assistant director in Bombay. This film has been shown at a number of national film festivals in India. On the occasion of the Armenian Genocide it was shown to an audience that constituted the Armenian community in Calcutta.


My Armenian Neighbourhood (2010)

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