Loading My Life
Loading My Life

Loading My Life

Director Haroutyun Shatyan

Production year 2011

Length 37min.

Country Armenia


The film is about a student, a young family man, about a deadlock for a sick man, who tries to find some bright sides in his life. A few days before completing his military service the character develops diabetes and is dismissed as ineligible. Here all his problems start. Institute, family, child, everyday obligatory injections. The young man with no means for medicine has to commit a crime. Debts, employment search, naĠżve and careless steps are some real preconditions to imprisonment.


Haroutyun Shatyan
Haroutyun Shatyan



Grigor Hayrapetyan


Haroutyun Shatyan

Director of Photography

Sipan Grigoryan,Haroutyun Shatyan

Music by

Davo & DerHova (Your Way)


Haroutyun Shatyan


David Shatyan ,Haroutyun Shatyan

Haroutyun Shatyan

Born 1985, Yerevan, Armenia. After carrying his military service he entered the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema, Feature filmmaking department, in 2006. During his education he made several shorts as yearly projects. Loading My Life is his graduation work.


Loading My Life (2011)

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