Let Us Be Partial Towards Our Friends
Let Us Be Partial Towards Our Friends

Let Us Be Partial Towards Our Friends

Director Mikhail Agranovich

Production year 2011

Length 52min.

Country Russia


Roman Balayan, an Armenian from Nagorno-Karabakh, has made a few subtle, aerial, in the European way, films. One of them is the truly iconic Flights in Dream and Awake. Roman Balayan himself is an absolute Epicurean of cinema. He enjoys work, and gives that pleasure to his friends and colleagues of the set. He is adored by anyone who has ever worked with him. Among them Sasha Abdulov and Pavel Lebeshev, Oleg Yankovsky, and Natasha Andreichenko, Nikita Mikhalkov. His balayanic company. His main associates, partners are gone. What will happen now with Roma Balayan’s cinematography? And will there be such cinematography? It is no mere chance that Roman has seriously engaged in producing. Perhaps Roman Balayan will tell us about all of them. He will tell that with the humor and pleasure, so characteristic of him. We see this film as a film-monologue. And this monologue is going to be a romantic, nostalgically touching story about the remarkable people who have worked with him and the cinema, seen and made the way it is by Roman Balayan.


Mikhail Agranovich
Mikhail Agranovich



Mikhail Zilberman, Vladimir Repnikov


Mikhail Agranovich

Director of Photography

Konstantin Ovchinnikov,Ekaterina Orlovskaya

Music by

Vadim Khrapachyov


François Quiqueré

Production company(ies)

217 Studio

Mikhail Agranovich

Born 1946, Moscow. Renowned Russian cameraman and director, Honoured Artist. He has been involved in filmmaking since 1976. He is the director of photography of 34 films. Directed 2 films of his own.


Come to Look at Me (2000), Let Us Be Partial towards Our Friends (2011)

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