Director Loic Tanson, Thierry Besseling

Production year 2010

Length 16min.

Country Luxembourg


After the ceremony of All Saint's Day, the innocent game of David and his friends in the town's cemetery gets out of control. David's grandfather, haunted by the death of his elder brother, witnesses the chaos caused by his grandson.


Loic Tanson, Thierry Besseling
Loic Tanson, Thierry Besseling



Anne Schroeder


Loic Tanson, Thierry Besseling

Director of Photography

Jean-Louis Schuller

Production designer

Veronique Sacrez

Music by

Emre Sevendik


Marc Thill


Isabel Bento dos Reis


Philippe Noesen, Loic Pavant, Julie Moreau

Production company(ies)

Samsa Film

Loic Tanson, Thierry Besseling

Loic Tanson (born 1981, Luxembourg) In 2005, he graduated from the Institut Europռen du Cinռma et d’Audiovisuel (IECA,Nancy) with an MA in Film Studies. For the following two years, he was the head of programming and booking for the Utopia S.A. cinemas in Luxembourg, before teaming up with Thierry Besseling in order to co-write and co-direct film projects. Thierry Besseling (born 1984, Luxembourg) He graduated from the University of Paris 1 - Sorbonne in 2009 with an MA in Fiction Screenwriting and Documentary Direction as well as a BA in Art History. In 2007, he completed a screenwriting workshop at the London Film School. In 2009, he came back to Luxembourg to co-direct the short film Laaf as well as the feature-length documentary Eldorado with Loտc Tanson. The two directors completed an eight-week workshop at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles in 2004. They met for the first time in 2002 in the offices of Samsa Film, where they completed their first internship. Seven years later, they went on to co-direct their first short film with the same production company.


Laaf (2010), Eldorado (2011)

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