History of Dogs
History of Dogs

History of Dogs

Director Serge Avedikian

Production year 2011

Length 52min.

Country France


Istanbul, 2010. While the city is promoted as a European capital of culture, who remembers that thousands of dogs have been exterminated in 1910 for the sake of westernization and progress? Residents reflect upon the interactions they have today with the street dogs in their neighborhood. From European downtown to the distant suburbs, the diversity of views illuminate a society in evolution, its contradictions and its dynamics.


Serge Avedikian
Serge Avedikian



Ron Dyens, Aurelia Previeu, Henri Magalon


Serge Avedikian, Catherine Pinguet

Director of Photography

Boubkar Benzabat


Chantal Quaglio, Sophie Bousquet

Production company(ies)

Maybe Movies Sacrebleu Productions

Serge Avedikian

Born 1955, Yerevan, Armenia Serge Avedikian is a film and theatre actor, director, writer and producer. After studies at the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Meudon (France), in 1971 he arrived in Paris where he worked with the students of the Paris Conservatory. In 1976, he created a theater company and produced several plays. At the same time, he pursued a career as a theatre, movie and television actor. In 1988, he founded his own production company. He has directed documentary films, short and medium-length fiction and three animation films. Barking Island received Palme d'Or for short film at Cannes 2010.


Histoire d’amour. Colombe et Avedis (1981, doc.), No Way Back (1992, doc.),What Are My Comrades Now? (1984, doc.), J’ai bien connu le solei (1989), Hello, Sir (1992), Mission Accomplished (1993), Le cinquieme reve (1994, doc.), Goodbye Madam (1996), Gentlemen Dames (1997), Lux aeterna (1999), Terra emota (2000), Lifeline (2002), Irina Brook: The Contagious Happiness (2003), Conjugal amour (2004), One Fine Morning (2005),We Drank the Same Water (2006, doc.), On etait deja jeune (2008), Barking Island (2010, anim.), History of Dogs (2011)

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