Guard Me, My Talisman
Guard Me, My Talisman

Guard Me, My Talisman

Director Roman Balayan

Production year 1986

Length 70min.

Country Ukraine


The setting for this off-beat drama of love and jealousy is the Pushkin Poetry Festival in Boldino. Liosha and his wife Tania are walking through the plush forest around Boldino when a mysterious figure pops up from behind a tree and asks the couple a question about a certain esoteric point in Pushkinology. From that strange beginning, the man, whose name is Klimov, starts to ease himself into the couple's private space, and trouble ensues. Complementing this story is the festival itself, enactments of Pushkin's works, and emotional debates among the festival-goers over the meaning of his poetry.


Grand Prize Golden Tulip | Istanbul IFF, Turkey, 1987


Roman Balayan
Roman Balayan



Rustam Ibrahimbekov

Director of Photography

Vilen Kalyuta

Production designer

Aleksei Levchenko

Music by

Vadim Khrapachyov


Lyudmila Lyubenskaya


Yelena Lukashenko


Oleg Yankovskiy, Tatyana Drubich, Aleksandr Abdulov, Aleksandr Zbruyev, Aleksandr Adabashyan, Bulat Okudzhava, Mikhail Kozakov

Production company(ies)

Dovzhenko Film Studio

Roman Balayan

Born 1941, Nerkin Horatagh, Nagorno-Karabakh. A graduate of the Cinema School of the Kyiv State Theatre Institute with a diploma of a film director in 1969, Balayan has since been living and working in Kyiv and Moscow as a film director, scriptwriter and producer.


Thief (1969), Anatole Petritskiy (1970), The Romashkin Effect (1973), Kashtanka (1975), Lone Wolf (1977), Flights in Dreams and in Reality (1982), The Kiss (1983), Guard Me, My Talisman (1987), The Spy (1987), Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk District (1990), The First Love (1995), Two Moons, Three Suns (1998), A Night in the Parajanov Museum (1998), The Night Is Bright (2004), Birds of Paradise (2008)

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