Cranberry Island
Cranberry Island

Cranberry Island

Director Elena Demidova

Production year 2010

Length 59min.

Country Russia


This is a story about a Russian Munchhausen who builds a wind turbine in his yard and puts his beehives on the roof because wild bees live in tree hollows. His wife sometimes argues, sometimes agrees with him, takes care of the children and the household, and claims that she lives in paradise. Sometimes she plays the piano with her eyes shut. The village around them is empty. Almost every resident left for the city or died, so our characters live as if on an island. Their children clean the sewer system, learn English and German, and grow up before our very eyes.


Special Prize | "Message To Man" IFF, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2010

Diploma | "Kinoshock”, Anapa, Russia, 2010


Elena Demidova
Elena Demidova



Anastassia Razlogova


Elena Demidova

Director of Photography

Elena Demidova


Konstantin Shmyrev


Elena Demidova

Elena Demidova

Russian film director and scriptwriter. Elena Demidova graduated from Moscow State Technical University in 1987. She studied to become film director at the “Internews” filmschool in Moscow.


Live Water (2006), Holly Week (2006), Ark (2007), The Multiplication Table (2007), It’s Time to Go Home (2008), Mohicans (2008), Cranberry Island (2010)

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