Birds of Paradise
Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise

Director Roman Balayan

Production year 2008

Length 64min.

Country Ukraine


Early 80s in the Soviet Union... Listening to foreign broadcasting is prohibited; expressing one’s opinion is dangerous. One can openly speak only behind the closed curtain in the kitchen and find truth in the Samizdat (self-print) materials that is passed on secretly from friend to friend. KGB is phone tapping, watching over unreliable persons and planning annihilation of the dissidence. Young writer Sergei Goloborodko wrote the novel Station Knol that describes the reverse side of “Real Socialism”. KGB agents are ready for everything not to have the novel published abroad, so that truth about totalitarian regime would not get beyond the iron curtain. Sergei’s best friend is hard-pressed by the KGB to betray him;. the famous writer - Sergei's spiritual teacher dies in prison, and the beloved woman disappears from his life... The characters are trying to flee from these obstacles but it is not easy to run away from one’s self…


Roman Balayan
Roman Balayan



Oleg Kochan


Rustam Ibrahimbekov

Director of Photography

Bogdan Verzhbitsky

Production designer

Vladimir Karashevsky

Music by

Vadim Khrapachov


Vyacheslav Shcherbak


Viktor Fedik


Andrei Kuzichev, Oksana Akinshina, Oleg Yankovskiy

Production company(ies)

SOTA Cinema Group

Roman Balayan

Born 1941, Nerkin Horatagh, Nagorno-Karabakh. A graduate of the Cinema School of the Kyiv Theater State Institute with a diploma of a film director in 1969, Balayan has since been living and working in Kyiv and Moscow as a film director, scriptwriter and producer.


Thief (Vor, 1969); The Romashkin Effect (Effekt Romashkina, 1973); Kashtanka (1975); Lone Wolf (Biryuk, 1977); Flights in Dreams and in Reality (Polyoty vo sne i nayavu, 1982); Guard Me, My Talisman (Khrani menya, moy talisman, 1986); The Kiss (Potseluy, 1983); The Spy (Filyor, 1987); Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk District (Ledi Makbet Mtsenskogo uezda, 1989); The First Love (Pervaya lyubov, 1995); Two Moons, Three Suns (Dve luny, tri solntsa, 1998); A Night in the Parajanov Museum (1998); The Night Is Bright (Noch Svetla, 2004); Birds of Paradise (2008)

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