Ashes and Blood
Ashes and Blood

Ashes and Blood

Director Fanny Ardant

Production year 2009

Length 105min.

Country France / Romania / Portugal


A widow, Judith, returns to Marseille with her children for the wedding of her sister-in-law. Judith's husband was murdered in a vendetta-killing a decade earlier. In keeping with the Greek tragedy tradition of the film, violent family rivalries unravel with fatal consequences.


Fanny Ardant
Fanny Ardant



Paulo Branco, Tudor Giurgio


Fanny Ardant, Paolo Sorrentino, Ismael Kadare (novel)

Director of Photography

Gerard de Battista

Production designer

Serban Porupca


Yohann Angelvig, Nicolas Bouvet


Celia Lafitedupont


Ronit, Ekabetzm Abraham Belaga, Marc Ruchmann, Clairs Bouaniche, Olga Tudorache, Ion Besoiu, Tudor Istodor, Madalina Canstantin, Razvan Vasilescu

Production company(ies)

Alfama, Films arte, France Cinema, Hirsch

Fanny Ardant

Born 1949 in Saumur, Maine-et-Loire, France. Renowned French actress. She has appeared in more than fifty motion pictures since 1976. The daughter of a cavalry officer, a military attaché, she grew up in Monaco, where her father's position allowed the family to be on familiar terms with the royal household. After an upbringing marked by frequent visits with Princess Grace, Ardant relocated to Aix-en-Provence to study political science. Her interests gradually turned toward acting, and after taking drama classes, she made her professional debut in a 1974 stage production of Corneille's “Polyeucte”. Ardant's first dose of acclaim came with her performance in the made-for-TV drama “Les dames de la côte” (1979). Shortly thereafter, she began her association with François Truffaut, which would lead to both excellent work in “The Woman Next Door” and “Vivement dimanche!” and a relationship that lasted until Truffaut's death in 1984 and produced one daughter, Joséphine. “The Woman Next Door” brought Ardant her first Cesar Award nomination for best actress in 1982 and in 1984 she was nominated again for “Vivement dimanche!” Initially, her youthful beauty brought popularity but over time her acting skills have made her one of France's most admired actresses. Ardant's work continued to flourish after Truffaut's death, and she cemented her reputation with serious, passionate roles in a number of dramatic films. She did particularly strong work in “Un amour de Swann” (1984), “Le Colonel Chabert” (1994), “Ridicule” (1996) -- which featured her in a delightfully nasty turn as the acidic noblewoman Madame de Blayac -- and Gabriel Aghion's “Pédale douce” (1996), a broad comedy in which Ardant's uncharacteristic comic turn won her the 1997 Best Actress César. She has also maintained a career on the stage, appearing in productions of Strindberg's “Miss Julie”, Molière's “Don Juan”, and Roman Polanski's highly praised 1997 adaptation of “Master Class”, which featured the actress as opera diva Maria Callas. Fluent in English, Italian and Spanish, Ardant has starred in several Hollywood, British and Italian films. Her most recent English-language film was the Franco Zeffirelli production “Callas Forever”, in which she portrayed Maria Callas. In 2003, Ardant received the Stanislavsky Award at the Moscow IFF (for the outstanding achievement in the career of acting and devotion to the principles of Stanislavsky's school). In 2009 she became a director and screenwriter, with “Cendres et sang” (“Ashes and Blood”). Fanny loves classical music and literature and has three daughters: Joséphine, Lumir and Baladine.


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