Armenian Exile
Armenian Exile

Armenian Exile

Director Hagop Goudsouzian

Production year 2009

Length 53min.

Country Armenia / Canada


In 1988, Nagorno-Karabakh’s war for independence was in the headlines worldwide. Halfway across the world in Canada, Hagop Goudsouzian’s peaceful world was suddenly shaken: “I had forgotten I was Armenian, until I saw the courage of these people who had never forgotten who they were and knew what they had to do…” says Goudsouzian. Then, again in 1991, the independence of Armenia triggered a new beginning for Hagop Goudsouzian. At this point he embarked on his life’s most important adventure, to touch this mythical land in search of his roots. Armenian Exile travels with Goudsouzian for his first meeting with Armenia in search of the ultimate connection with his forgotten and sometimes ignored identity.


Hagop Goudsouzian
Hagop Goudsouzian



Hagop Goudsouzian


Hagop Goudsouzian

Director of Photography

Monique Crouillere

Music by

Arudz Goudsouzian, Hagop Goudsouzian


Hagop Goudsouzian


Hagop Goudsouzian


Deacon Artur, Father Gourken, Hagop Hagopian, Suzan Matchikalyan, Urgessa, Vahram Tatikian, Vitale Martirossian, Lilit Martirossian

Production company(ies)

Goudsou Productions Inc.

Hagop Goudsouzian

Born 1949, Cairo, Egypt․ Hagop Goudsouzian is a Diasporan Armenian filmmaker with a passion for exploring: Armenia, Armenians and Armenianess. After spending most of his professional life producing and directing mainstream television programs, he decided to dedicate himself to Armenian films. With limited resources he subsidizes his own Armenian productions for mainstream television. Lives and works in Toronto, Canada. In partnership with TV Ontario TFO, he has produced and directed a number of television series. He is also a photographer; his work was exhibited at the Bibliotheque nationale du Quebec before touring various North American galleries. He is presently developing part three of his Armenian Trilogy. Armenian Exile is part one: a video self-portrait in which he pursues his quest for identity, a theme that also inspired him to make My Son Shall Be Armenian (part two) and Mon fils sera Armenien (French version). In April 2012, Hagop Goudsouzian released his second film on Armenian music, Armenian Echoes (two one-hour documentaries). Armenian Minstrels (2011) his first film on Armenian music is a tribute to Sayat-Nova Minstrel Song Ensemble and the work of Tovmas Poghosyan and four renown Ashughs. May 2012, Hagop Goudsouzian is in post-production on another film on Armenian music.


My Son Shall Be Armenian (2004), Armenian Exile (2009), Armenian Minstrels (2011), Armenian Echoes (2012).

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