Anduni - Foreign Home
Anduni - Foreign Home

Anduni - Foreign Home

Director Samira Radsi

Production year 2010

Length 89min.

Country Germany


“Home – quite an old-fashioned word, isn’t it?“, Belinda would ask. Raised influenced by three cultures, 28-year-old Belinda finds herself stuck in her never ending studies, a half-baked relationship and a just ending flat share. The bonds to her Armenian family sadly have become loose in the past years, as otherwise, her family would have married her off, of course to some Armenian, years ago. But her life suddenly changes thoroughly, when she and her mother find her father lying in the backyard, drunk as always, but this time dead!


Samira Radsi
Samira Radsi



Anita Elsani


Karin Kaçi

Director of Photography

Matthias Fleischer

Production designer

Christina Schaffer

Music by

Dürbeck & Dohmen, Anselme Pau


Angelo dos Santos


Thierry Faber


Irina Potapenko, Florian Lukas, Tilo Prückner, Berrin Alganer-Lenz, Günay Köse, Nursel Köse, Peter Millowitsch

Production company(ies)

Elsani Film

Samira Radsi

Radsi studied politics and art history before completing her master’s in Film directing at the Mediaschool in Hamburg. She lived and worked in LA and Ireland before moving to Berlin in 2005. After several short films and directing for television she completed her first feature film Anduni.


Ran an den Speck (2000), Survival of the Fittest (2004), Peace & Beer (2004), Talk to Me (2005), Almost Casablanca (2005), Anduni (2010)

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