Written By
Written By

Written By

Director Karni Baghdikian

Production year 2009

Length 15min.

Country USA


Hotshot screenwriting duo Stephen Adiano and Brian Harris might have let success go to their heads. Fired by the studio for failing to hand in a script, they plead for one more chance and lock themselves up in a room to finish their draft about a haunted clown puppet. In this horrific tragicomedy the duo learns how to write a killer story... but this time, it might just be their final deadline.


Karni Baghdikian
Karni Baghdikian



Stephanie Bell, Trevor Boelter, Nicole Chamberlin, Mona Nash


Trevor Boelter, Matt Duggan

Director of Photography

David Mahlmann

Music by

Austin Wintory


Patrick Lydon, Barry Neely


Karni Baghdikian, Clint Childers


Trevor Boelter, Matt Duggan, Dawn Joyal, John Burish

Karni Baghdikian

Born 1977, New Jersey, USA. Grew up in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. The son of an avid photographer who taught him composition and the principals of photography, Karni studied TV production in high school and made his first home movies with his family's camcorder. Karni studied business and was a radio show DJ at Babson College in Boston, before embarking on a career in the visual arts in 2001. Moved to Los Angeles in 2005, where he began working in advertising and the film industry, while studying screenwriting at UCLA. Joined Annex Film Group, a collective of like-minded artists who write, producer, and direct short films. Currently, Karni directs and produces short films, commercials, and web videos through his production company InstinctMedia, and has two feature films in development.


The Far World (2005), Trade (2007), Written By (2009)

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