Director Haik Gazarian

Production year 2009

Length 98min.

Country Venezuela


The opening of a museum in honor of the Venezuelan heroes of WWII takes Venezzia down memory lane. She recalls the arrival of Frank Moore, an American communications specialist whose orders were to protect oil tankers in the Caribbean from the threat of U-Boats and to discover the identity of a Nazi spy amidst the Venezuelan Army. Frank meets Venezzia and falls in love, but it’s an impossible love as she is unhappily married to Frank’s superior, Captain Salvatierra. Frank and Venezzia succumb to their passion and their plans for a new life change when Frank is accused of being the spy.


Best Film, Best Screenplay | AFFMA IFF, Los Angeles, USA, 2009

Best Film, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Producer | El Universo del Espectáculo, Venezuela, 2009

Best Actor | Canada IFF, Canada, 2010

Best Historical Feature | Sonoma IFF, USA, 2010

Silver ACE Award | Las Vegas Film Festival, USA, 2010

Silver LEI Award Excellence in Filmmaking | Honolulu IFF, USA, 2010

Best Romance | Amsterdam FF, The Netherlands, 2010

Silver Palm | Mexico IFF, Mexico, 2010


Haik Gazarian
Haik Gazarian



Edgar Ramirez, Ruddy Rodriguez, Delfina Catalá, Tony Fadel


Jörg Hiller, Valentina Rendón (story by: Haik Gazarian)

Director of Photography

Vitelbo Vázquez

Production designer

Yvo Hernandez

Music by

Vinicio Adames


Josué Saavedra


Gerson Aguilar


Alfonso Herrera, Ruddy Rodriguez, Rafael Romero, William Goite, Johanna Morales, Valentina Rendón

Production company(ies)

Alter Producciones

Haik Gazarian

Born 1966, Venezuela. Has graduated from New York Film Academy and UCLA Extention, producer, photographer and talent manager, with more than 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Haik is one of the new breeds of directors to come out of Latin America, Venezzia is his first feature-length film.


Falling In Love (1994), My Soul (1996), Up-Front Campaign Venevision (2001), EMI Televisa Convention (2006), The Universe In Me (2006), The Montaner Family (2007), Venezzia (2009)

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