Uncle Valya
Uncle Valya

Uncle Valya

Director Nikolay Davtyan

Production year 2009

Length 23min.

Country Armenia


It is difficult to compare the works of Russian-born Armenian artist Valentin Podpomogov with the personality of their creator, who was fond of fun, feasts and jokes. Where was he more real: in cinema, animation, theater or fine arts? July 18, 1998… Uncle Valya passed away… One is always shocked by the loss of such talented persons as Podpomogov. It is much later when we are less bereaved that we try to appreciate them as they deserve to be… although they are no longer in the need of that.


Nikolay Davtyan
Nikolay Davtyan



Ruben Jaghinyan


Nikolay Davtyan

Director of Photography

Hrachik Harutyunyan

Production designer

Shamir Shahiryan


Tigran Kuzikyan


Ashot Mkrtchyan

Production company(ies)

Hayk Film Studio

Nikolay Davtyan

Born 1953, Yerevan. He studied film directing (supervisor - Henrik Malyan) in the Department of Culture of Yerevan State Pedagogical Institute named after Khachatur Abovyan. Worked for TV companies in Yerevan, Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Stepanakert. His films have been rewarded with a number of awards.


The Sinner (1982), In Merry Gyumri (1983), They Say That… (1989, TV film), Right to Be Called a Human Being (1998), Feast of Harvest (2000), The Refugee (2001), Yerevan-Baku (2002), Uncle Valya (2010)

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