Director Nenad Puhovski

Production year 2009

Length 87min.

Country Croatia


What keeps people together? The director tries to get to the heart of love and desire through five very different stories about people who are, were, or want to be in a relationship. Milka and Ratka, a lesbian couple, Marija a widow, Hrvoje a psychically disabled person, Vlado and Marija mentally challenged, Krešo and Branka badly off, but they all seek love and understanding, they all want to be ... together.


Nenad Puhovski
Nenad Puhovski



Nenad Puhovski


Nenad Puhovski

Director of Photography

Josip Ivancic

Music by

Dalibor Grubacevic


Mile Blazevic


Vesna Biljan


Hrvoje Belamarić, Krešo Blađić, Marija Crnković, Branka Glažar

Production company(ies)

Nenad Puhovski for Factum

Nenad Puhovski

Born 1949, Zagreb. Received his degree in sociology, philosophy and film directing in Zagreb. He made his first film when he was 15. As a professional, he has directed over 250 stage, film and TV productions. His documentaries deal with social issues and visual art. Many of them were shown and awarded at international festivals. In 1997 he founded Factum, which soon became the largest and most influential independent documentary production company in Croatia. In 2004, he founded and is the director of ZagrebDox – the largest Documentary FF in the region. Besides teaching in Zagreb, where he has initiated a new MA Documentary Programme, he has given lectures in documentary filmmaking in many schools in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Middle East and Africa. In 2009 he won the EDN (European Documentary Network) Award for “outstanding contribution to the development of European documentary culture”. He is a member of the Managing Board of EDN, and also of the European Film Academy.


Tojota Korola 1000 (1974), Bog igre (1975), Groznica (1979), Pet filmova o Nives K.K. (1980), U pozadini (1984), Paviljon 22 (2002), Together (2009)

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