The Forgiveness
The Forgiveness

The Forgiveness

Director Ventura Durall

Production year 2009

Length 65min.

Country Spain


In 1994, Andrés Rabadán gave himself up to the police after derailing three trains and killing his father with a crossbow. They declared him not guilty and diagnosed him with paranoid delirious schizophrenia. He is sentenced to spend 20 years in a psychiatric penitentiary.. He suffers immensely and starts using painting as a way to exorcize his own demons. New testimonies about himself and those near him reveal a more complex reality than the one that surfaced during his trial, showing intimate secrets that were hidden for more than a decade.
With this new approach, new questions arise:
-Does someone who has committed such terrible crimes deserve a second chance?
-How important could the circumstances be to give rise to those crimes, and how strong the will to change in the persons that committed them?


Best Documentary Film | Belgrade IFF, Serbia, 2009

Audience Award | Festival International du Premier Film d’Annonay, France, 2009


Ventura Durall
Ventura Durall



Laia Coll, Ventura Durall


Ventura Durall

Director of Photography

Mauro Herce

Production designer

Andrés Rabadán

Music by

Diego Pedragosa


Pau Subiros, Anna Sanmarti


Martí Roca


Andrés Rabadán, Francisco Pérez Abellán, Carles Quílez, Blanca Busquets

Production company(ies)

Nanouk FilmsVentura Durall

Ventura Durall

ESCAC graduate with a major in script, he also studied in San Antonio de los Baños (Cuba) and attended several master classes of famous documentary filmmakers. He is now supervising and coordinating documentary projects at the ESCAC. He is co-founder of Nanouk Films and executive producer of various films. His films have been awarded numerous prizes in prestigious film festivals.


The 2 Lives of Andrés Rabadán (2008), The Forgiveness (2009)

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