The Dust of Time
The Dust of Time

The Dust of Time

Director Theodoros Angelopoulos

Production year 2008

Length 125min.

Country Greece/Italy/Germany/France/Russia


An American film director of Greek ancestry is making a film that tells his story and the story of his parents. It is a tale that unfolds in Italy, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, Canada and the U.S.A. The main character is Eleni, who has claimed the absoluteness of love. At the same time the film is a long journey into the vast history and the events of the fifty-year period that left their mark on the 20th century. The characters in the film move as though in a dream. The dust of time obscures memories.


Theodoros Angelopoulos
Theodoros Angelopoulos



Phoebe Economopoulos


Theodoros Angelopoulos in collaboration with: Tonino Guerra, Petros Markaris

Director of Photography

Andreas Sinanos

Production designer

Andrea Crisanti, Dionysos Fotopoulos

Music by

Eleni Karaindrou


Marinos Athanassopoulos, Jerome Aghion


Yorgos Helidonidis, Yannis Tsitsopoulos


Willem Dafoe, Bruno Ganz, Michel Piccoli, Irene Jacob, Christiane Paul, Reni Pittaki, Kostas Apostolidis, Alexandros Milonas, Norman Mozzato

Production company(ies)

Theo Angelopoulos Films, Greek Film Centre, Ars Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Lichtmeer Film, Filmstiftung Nordhein Westfalen, Deutscher Filmforderfonds (DFFF), ARD Degeto

Theodoros Angelopoulos

Born 1935, Athens․ He studied law at the University of Athens. After completing his military service, he went to Paris to attend Sorbonne, and then enrolled in the prestigious French film school, IDHEC, to study film. He worked for a time at the Musée de l'Homme under the tutelage of Jean Rouch, the ethnographer and pioneer of cinema verite. He returned to Athens in 1964 and, until 1967, was a film critic for the leftist paper Democratic Change. He began to make films at around 1965 – an attempt at a full-length feature film entitled The Forminx Story, which he never completed after a disagreement with the producers – and then a short film Broadcast. In 1970 came his first full-length feature film Reconstruction. Since then his films have been featured in countless international festivals and have won numerous awards, which have established his reputation as one of the most influential directors in contemporary cinema.


Forminx Story (1965), The Broadcast (1968), Reconstruction (1970), Days of ’36 (1972), The Travelling Players (1974-75), The Hunters (1977), Megalexandros (1980), One Village, One Villager (1981, TV), Athens, Return to the Acropolis (1983, TV), Voyage to Cythera (1983), The Bee-Keeper (1986), Landscape in the Mist (1988), The Suspended Step of the Stork (1991), Ulysse’s Gaze (1995), Lumiere and Company (segment, 1995), Eternity and a Day (1998), The Weeping Meadow (2003), To Each His Own Cinema (segment Trois Minutes, 2007), Dust of Time (2008)

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