On The Path
On The Path

On The Path

Director Jasmila Žbanić

Production year 2009

Length 100min.

Country Bosnia and Herzegovina/Austria/Croatia/Germany


A loving young couple, Luna and Amar, try their best to overcome unexpected obstacles that threaten their relationship. When Amar is suspended for drinking on the job, Luna worries that this will interfere with her already fragile dreams of having a baby. Luna's fears grow when Amar accepts a well-paid job hours away in a fundamentalist Muslim community. After having had no contact with Amar for some time, Luna is finally allowed to visit him at the secluded Wahhabi commune situated on an idyllic lake. She discovers a mysterious environment of veiled women and ritual – a world where men and women live separated and under strict surveillance. Luna begs Amar to come home, but he convinces her that the isolated sanctuary of prayer has brought him peace and helped him stop drinking. When Amar returns home several weeks later, Luna notices a dramatic change in his attitude toward religion. Amar insists that he is just trying to become a better man, but Luna finds it increasingly more difficult to understand his new beliefs. She begins to question everything that she has believed in, even her desire to have a child. As the wounds of a tragic war-filled past continue to haunt her, Luna tears herself apart trying to understand if love really is enough to keep her and Amar together for a lifetime of happiness.


Jasmila Žbanić
Jasmila Žbanić



Damir Ibrahimović, Bruno Wagner, Barbara Albert, Karl Baumgartner, Raimond Goebel, Leon Lučev


Jasmila Žbanić

Director of Photography

Christine A. Maier

Production designer

Lada Maglajlić, Amir Vuk

Music by

Brano Jakubović


Igor Čamo


Niki Mossböck


Zrinka Cvitešić, Leon Lučev, Ermin Bravo, Mirjana Karanović, Marija Köhn, Nina Violić, Sebastian Cavazza, Jasna Ornela Bery, Izudin Bajrović, Jasna Žalica, Luna Mijović

Production company(ies)

Deblokada, Coop99 filmproduktion, Pola Pandora Filmproduktion , Živa Production

Jasmila Žbanić

Born 1974, Sarajevo. She attended Sarajevo Academy of Performing Arts. In 1995 she worked as a puppeteer at the Bread and Puppet theatre in the USA. In 1997 she founded the artists’ association Deblokada, through which she produced, wrote and directed numerous documentaries, art videos and shorts that were screened to great acclaim at international festivals. Her directorial debut, Grbavica, won the Berlin Golden Bear (Berlinale 2006).


After, After (1997), Love is (1998), We Light the Night (1998), Red Rubber Boots (2000), To and Fro (2002), Images from the Corner (2003), Lost and Found: Birthday (2004), Grbavica (2005), Builder's Diary (2005), Participation (2008), On the Path (2009)

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