Javakhk: The World Keeps It Dark
Javakhk: The World Keeps It Dark

Javakhk: The World Keeps It Dark

Director Movses Gasparyan

Production year 2010

Length 51min.

Country Armenia


Although the historical and cultural heritage of Javakhk has survived until now, it is disappearing. The Armenian inscriptions and khachkars (cross stones) are being broken and destroyed, and the indigenous population migrates, taking along the oral stories and soon forgetting them. All these have been presented in the film by the inhabitants of Armenian villages of Javakhk: Gimbrda, Khorenya, Gandza, Heshtya, Sukhlis, Tsugrut.


Movses Gasparyan
Movses Gasparyan



Hayk Harutyunyan


Lilit Petrosyan

Director of Photography

Hakob Karanfilyan, Vardan Abelyan

Music by

Edgar Hovhannisyan


Anna Vardanyan, Anahit Ghazaryan


Arman Vardanyan, Movses Gasparyan

Movses Gasparyan

Between 1992 and 1998 he studied in the TV Directing Department of Yerevan State Institute of Theatre. Since 1989 he has worked for various TV studios (National, AR, Yerkir Media, Mir, Hayrenik). He has lectured in the Department of Culture of Yerevan Pedagogical Institute and in Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema.


Chained Souls (1999), Imagine (2000), Khoren Abrahamyan (2002), Welcome to Karabagh (2006), Yerevan Tourism Institute (2007), Hope, Belief, Love (2008), State Linguistic University named after V. Bryusov (2008), Javakhk: The World Keeps It Dark (2010)

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