How I Ended This Summer
How I Ended This Summer

How I Ended This Summer

Director Aleksei Popogrebsky

Production year 2010

Length 124min.

Country Russia


Sergei, an experienced meteorologist, and Pavel, a high school graduate, are now the only inhabitants of the polar station on a remote island in the Arctic Ocean. Soon a ship will arrive to pick them up.
For Sergei this will mean the end of a sojourn of several years. He is eager to return to his wife and child on the mainland. For his part, Pavel has had hopes that he might yet be able to experience the kind of real adventure he was dreaming of when he volunteered for an internship in this desolate region. And then one day when Sergei is out angling, Pavel picks up a radio message that he does not dare to communicate to Sergei. Pavel does everything he can to keep the message from Sergei, in the hope that the ship’s arrival will relieve him of this particular task. Since everything is possible in the North Pole, sometimes one has to choose between his life and the life of another person…


Silver Berlin Bear awards – 2 Best Actors and Outstanding Artistic Achievement for Cinematography | Berlinale, Germany, 2010


Aleksei Popogrebsky
Aleksei Popogrebsky



Roman Borisevich, Aleksander Kushaev


Aleksei Popogrebsky

Director of Photography

Pavel Kostomarov

Production designer

Gennadi Popov

Music by

Dmitriy Katkhanov


Vladimir Golovnitsky


Ivan Lebedev


Grigoriy Dobrygin, Sergei Puskepalis

Production company(ies)

Koktebel Film Company, TV Channel Russia, StartFilm

Aleksei Popogrebsky

Born in 1972, Moscow. Graduated in psychology from Moscow University. He made his first short documentary with Boris Khlebnikow in 1997 and also edited Khlebnikow’s Tricky Frog (2000). Their joint, multi-award-winning feature film debut, Koktebel, was screened in Cannes and in the Berlinale’s Forum section in 2004.


Koktebel (2003), Simple Things (2007), How I Ended This Summer (2010)

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