From Ararat to Zion
From Ararat to Zion

From Ararat to Zion

Director Edgar Baghdasaryan

Production year 2009

Length 71min.

Country Armenia/Egypt/Israel/Turkey


The colorful mosaic of Christian pilgrimages to the Holy Land has been shaped over two thousand years. Pilgrims have brought their stories with them, and left their memories with the land. Here the documentary filmmakers have presented us with a view of some of the essential parts of these stories, revealing the precious identities, which the stories preserve. They follow the paths taken by Armenian pilgrims traveling between two focal points of history – from the Mount Ararat to Zion, from A to Z. The documentary depicts the spirit of pilgrimage, which has nurtured and sustained the sanctuaries and monasteries of the Holy Land over the centuries. At the cost of immeasurable sacrifices and exertions, pilgrims have come to the Holy Shrines to witness the presence of God on Earth. Though these special places may have been put on display many times before, they emerge anew in this film, revealing their otherworldly essence and life-transforming power. The film shows such striking scenes as the Holy Sepulcher by night, the colorful spectacles of Easter in Jerusalem, the Ceremony of Holy Light, Mount Sinai in Egypt, the monasteries of the Judean Desert, the summit of Mount Ararat.


Best Documentary | Swansea Bay FF, UK, 2010


Edgar Baghdasaryan
Edgar Baghdasaryan



Fr. Mesrop Aramyan


Fr. Mesrop Aramyan

Director of Photography

Ruben Gasparyan

Music by

Ara Torosyan


Roy Renza


Artak Dokholyan

Production company(ies)

Vem Media Arts

Edgar Baghdasaryan

Born 1964 Yerevan. Graduated from Veterinary Institute of Yerevan in 1985. He created his first amateur film when he was sixteen. Since 1988 he has worked in Hayfilm and Haik Film Studios, at first as an assistant director, then as a film director. His films were presented in international film festivals in Moscow, Gothenburg, Montreal, Varna, Magdeburg, Toulouse, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, etc.


Games (1990), Flow (1997), The Lands of Holy Rites (2001), Mariam (2005), From Ararat to Zion (2009)

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