Double Territory
Double Territory

Double Territory

Director Rogerio Correa

Production year 2009

Length 52min.

Country Brazil


What makes a researcher that lives in a violence-filled city like São Paulo paint canvases as if they were fragments of his daily life? What matters to Manoel Paes Neto are the glimpses of people expressing supplication, regret and freedom. He cannot tell why these people catch his attention. He does not look for famous criminals. He is more interested in the sad ones, the humble ones. His sphere of artistic interest is made up of the homeless, young offenders, the underground world. His paintings are extraordinarily sublime, as he transforms the daily emotions brutalized by the fumes of exhaust pipes into paintings, immortalizing, with light, fragments of the lives of the people of São Paulo.


Rogerio Correa
Rogerio Correa



Jorge Guedes


Daniel Chaia

Director of Photography

Lucas Barreto

Music by

Pipo Pegoraro


Pipo Pegoraro


Mauricio Galdieri


Manoel Paes Neto

Rogerio Correa

Born 1954, Brazil. In 1980 graduated from the School of Communication and Arts (ECA) of the University of São Paulo, majoring in cinema. In 1996 participated in the first Workshop of New Technologies of Post-Production organized by the São Paulo Municipality Secretariat of Culture. In 1999 graduated in theatre direction from the Free School of Theatre of Santo Andre, São Paulo. In 1979 he was the 2nd Assistant Sound Editor in Bernardo Bertolucci’s La luna, From 1979 to 1980 he was the 2nd Assistant Sound Editor in Giuseppe Bertolucci’s Oggetti Smqrritti..


Rocas (1975), Os Queixadas (1978), Negra Notte (1986), Ícaro (1987), Na garupa de Deus (2002), Carpinteiros do mar (2005), Antes do futuro (2005), Double Territory (2009), No olho da rua (2010)

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