Dooman River
Dooman River

Dooman River

Director Zhang Lu

Production year 2009

Length 89min.

Country China/South Korea/France


North of the Dooman River, which serves as border between Manchuria and North Korea, live a community of Korean-Chinese. Like most places in rural China, only the old and young remain, with adults earning money as migrant workers in bigger cities. In one such village lives a boy named Chang-ho, who at the beginning befriends a North Korean stowaway. But refugees from the totalitarian state begin to arrive in greater numbers. Soon, sentiments turn against the defectors and Chang-ho’s allegiance to his friend is tested.


Crystal Bear - Special Mention | Berlinale, Germany, 2010


Zhang Lu
Zhang Lu



Lee Jeong, Guillaume de Seille, Woo Hye


Zhang Lu

Director of Photography

Xu Wei

Production designer

Zhu Guangxuan


Wang Ran, Marc Nouyrigat, Frédéric Théry


François Quiqueré


Cui Jian, Yin Lan, Li Jinglin, Lin Jinlong, Jin Xuansheng

Production company(ies)

Lu Films 12, Arizona Films, Arte France Cinéma

Zhang Lu

Born 1962, Jilin, China. His sole short film, 11, was screened at the Venice IFF 2001. He made his feature debut with Tang Poetry, competing in the Locarno IFF in 2004. His second feature film, Grain in Ear, invited to the 2005 Cannes IFF Critic’s Week, won the ACID prize. He also has won awards at various international film festivals like Pesaro 2005, Vesoul 2006 and Cinema Novo 2006. In 2007, Desert Dream was invited to compete at Berlinale. In 2008, Zhang Lu presented Iri at the Rome IFF.


11 (2001), Tang Poetry (2003), Grain in Ear (2005), Desert Dream (2007), Iri (2008), Dooman River (2009)

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