Don’t Look in the Mirror
Don’t Look in the Mirror

Don’t Look in the Mirror

Director Suren Babayan

Production year 2009

Length 100min.

Country Armenia


The main hero of the film is one of our contemporaries, named Hero. Received an education in art. Used to be an artist, and later a good copy maker. He is an art model at present. Keeps himself going by selling everything, left over from the better times. And so the clock strikes “X” hour as he is about to sell the icon. No sooner has he done that he experiences a metamorphosis. He sees not his own reflection but a face of a completely unknown person in the mirror. Over time Hero observes more and more new personages instead of his own reflection. What compounds his problem is that others can also see not him, but strange faces in the mirror. That causes some situations both comic and dramatic. It turns out that the people he sees in the mirror are his own embodiments. There is a moment when they all come together at a table in the mirror and have a conversation about his past and future about a person's morality, and harsh accountability of one’s actions. At the turning point Hero is unable to see anyone in the mirror at all, including himself. And only one of the film characters can see the reflection of Hero in his home mirror. Hero is magnetically attracted to that place – to the house, the home where he does exist. He hopes to find himself there. Hero realizes that asperity leads us to faith.


Suren Babayan
Suren Babayan



Gevorg Gevorgyan, Vardan Abovyan


Suren Babayan, story by: Perch Zeituntsyan

Director of Photography

Gevorg Sarkisyan

Production designer

Vardan Sedrakyan

Music by

Edward Hairapetyan


Karen Tsaturyan


Arthur Soghomonyan


Jean - Pierre Nshanyan

Production company(ies)

National Cinema Centre of RA

Suren Babayan

Born 1950, Yerevan. Graduated from the Directing Department of Yerevan Institute of Art and Theatre in 1973. In 1974 and 1975 worked as an actor and director of TV theatre. In 1979 graduated from the Moscow High Courses in Directing as a feature film director (N. Mikhalkov’s course).


Neutral Situation (1978), The Eighth Day of Creation (1980), Cry of a Peacock (1982), Frunze Dovlatyan (1986), The Thirteenth Apostle (1987), Facing the Wall (1989), Blood (1990), P. S. (1993), Gyumri-review (1996), Crazy Angel (2001), Jeano (2004), Don’t Look in the Mirror (2009)

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