Dead Youth
Dead Youth

Dead Youth

Director Leandro Listorti

Production year 2009

Length 70min.

Country Argentina


Between 1997 and 2007, more than 30 young people committed suicide in the remote Argentine city of Las Heras. There were no indications of the causes for these suicides, and no one could explain what happened. Based on those suicides, and others that still occur today, this film explores those lives, trying to examine the emptiness and the mystery surrounding them and their deaths.


Leandro Listorti
Leandro Listorti



Leandro Listorti


Leandro Listorti

Director of Photography

Martín Mohadeb


Luciano Fusetti


Felipe Guerrero

Production company(ies)

Habitación 1520, Producciones SRL

Leandro Listorti

Born 1976 Buenos Aires, Argentina. After studying filmmaking he attended Documentary Workshops and Seminars, conducted by professionals like Martín Rejtman, Pablo Reyero, Patricio Guzmán or Hernán Khourian, and worked as a projectionist in a number of diverse theaters and art houses. He directed short films and worked as Assistant Director in many independent films. Dead Youth is his first feature film.


Pasajes (2006), Montevideo (2007), Amsterdam (2008), Dead Youth (2009)

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