Christmas With Dad
Christmas With Dad

Christmas With Dad

Director Conor McCormack

Production year 2008

Length 12min.

Country UK


23-year-old AJ and his family prepare for the festive season and the arrival of an eighth child. The film reveals a young man struggling to define his role as a father haunted by his own childhood and facing an uncertain future.


Conor McCormack
Conor McCormack



Sarah Tierney

Director of Photography

Becky Bell

Music by

Theo Weywood


Jamie Talbutt


Matt Meech

Production company(ies)

Clarity Productions

Conor McCormack

Irish filmmaker based in Bristol, working in both documentary and fictions that deal with contemporary social and ethnographic themes. Since he first picked up a Super-8 camera to make the short film Shoplifter, which screened at the 2000 Raindance FF, he has gone on to write and direct a number of shorts and music videos which have screened at film festivals around the world, receiving several awards.


Christmas with Dad (2008)

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