Carmen Meets Borat
Carmen Meets Borat

Carmen Meets Borat

Director Mercedes Stalenhoef

Production year 2008

Length 85min.

Country The Netherlands


Carmen Meets Borat is a film about a small village in a big universe. The gypsy village is suddenly confronted with huge dilemma after they are portrayed as backward people from Kazakhstan in the film Borat. Carmen sees the people around her change and realizes that her future will change dramatically as well.


Mercedes Stalenhoef
Mercedes Stalenhoef



Pieter van Huystee

Director of Photography

Erik van Empel

Music by

Vincent van Warmerdam


Mark Wessner


Gys Zevenbergen

Production company(ies)

Pieter van Huystee Film

Mercedes Stalenhoef

She studied art history at the University of Leiden. As the director and writer of the film, I Just Take My Toys with Me (2002), she was nominated for Best Documentary at the Dutch Academy Awards, and her I Never Want to Be Famous won the Special Jury Prize at the 2006 Netherlands FF. She also has created films for Amnesty International.


Clean Clothes (1996), Scheurrak So 1 (1998), Koffie Verkeerd (1999), The House of My Dreams (2002), I Just Take My Toys With Me (2002), Godofredo Is Alive (2004), I Never Want to Be Famous (2005), Carmen Meets Borat (2008)

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