Eligibility criteria and regulations:

  • Only short and documentary films projects are eligible.
  • The crew should involve filmmakers from both Armenia and Turkey, and the films should be co-productions. The percentage of filmmakers from each country should be between 35% – 65%.
  • The film proposals are to be suitable for Armenia-Turkey co-production.For co-production opportunities, check the “Making Films in Turkey and Armenia” portion of the following website.
  • Travel and lodging of only one person per project (producer/co-producer or director) will be covered by ATCP.
  • Shooting of the awarded projects must be completed by September of the next year.
  • Projects participating in ATCP must mention their participation at the platform in their credits.

Required documents to be added into the application form:

  • Project information: title, production country/ies, type of film, production status
  • Film credits: name and contact details for director, producer and if applicable: writer, co-producer, financier, sales agent
  • Technical info: Running time, shooting format, color/b&w, languages
  • Synopsis and logline (1 page)
  • Treatment (max. 5 pages)
  • Motivation Letter (1 page)
  • Director's vision (1 page)
  • Director’s biography and filmography (with references to previous works such as Vimeo/YouTube links)
  • Producer’s vision (1 page)
  • Producer’s biography and filmography (with references to previous works such as Vimeo/YouTube links)
  • Time / Working schedule for project development
  • Financial info: total budget (in Euro), financing already secured (amount as well as explanatory overview.

Application evaluation and selections

  • The applications will be evaluated and selected by the Selection Committee consisting of Armenian and Turkish film professionals.

Application is currently closed.

The workshop will be held in English. A translator will be provided in case of necessity during the presentations. There will be no translator during the workshop.

This activity takes place within the framework of the “Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalization Process” programme, funded by the European Union and the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.