C2C Work-in-Progress Market 2021 will take place on October 4-8, in Yerevan, Armenia. The application process runs till August 1st. There will be up to 2 projects selected from each country of the Lesser Caucasus region. You can find the eligibility criterias and the required document list below.

Eligibility criteria and regulations: 

  • Director of the applying project must be from the Lesser Caucasus region
  • The project must be the director’s first or second full-length film (fiction or hybrid)
  • The project must be in the work-in-progress stage 10 min cut should be submitted for selection
  • The applicants must provide evidence of already secured funds, as well as potential sources of expected funding
  • The application can be submitted by the producer/director from the region or co-producer from countries outside of Lesser Caucasus
  • Travel and lodging of only one person per project (producer/co-producer or director) will be covered by GAIFF Pro.
  • Projects participating in the C2C WIP Market must mention their participation at GAIFF Pro in their credits.

Required documents:

  • Project information: title, production country/ies, type of film, production status
  • Film credits: name and contact details for director, producer and if applicable: writer, co-producer, financier, sales agent
  • Technical info: running time, shooting format, colour/b&w, languages
  • Synopsis and logline (1 page)
  • Motivation Letter (1 page)
  • Director’s and producer’s short bio, filmography and awards (with references to previous works such as Vimeo/YouTube links)
  • Financial info: total budget (in Euros), financing already secured for post-production (amount as well as explanatory overview)
  • Online link for a 10 min cut of the film 

Submit your project.

Deadline for applications August 1, 2021.